Hey Berries,

So ill just dive straight into it,

If anyone ever told me that I would wear denim o n denim last year, I would laugh at them and send the to hell…(you KNOW WHAT i MEAN). But my oh my hasn’t the fashion industry changed and trends evolved.o now I am at liberty to style a ful denim ensemble and no one will ogle at me…. I loved it. The simplicity and the chic feel that comes with is amazing.

Here you go….


I completed this look with navy blue steve madden heels. They are super comfy and very stable.


Im still holding on to the brains….but they shall be evicted soon.






This is another quote ill hold on to this weekend

“It’s hard at times, but it makes a kid strong in ways that most people can’t understand. Teaches them that even though people are left behind, new ones will inevitable take their place; that every place has something good – and bad – to offer. It makes a kid grow up fast.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One


Love u.Keep safe.

I shall be traveling tomorrow… I promise to take lots of pics.

love and more love





Hey Berries,

How is everyone doing? I am well. First of all I want to thank you all for creating time to stop by, you make this blog the best getaway.THANK YOU.

I get very excited when an opportunity presents itself for me to wear this skirt,to be honest its not an everyday type of skirt.However on Sunday evening I wore this skirt and added a denim twist to it. I actually wanted to cover up since I still had Tonsils. I hope you like.

Check out how i styled this skirt differently before.(MY VERSION OF Nairobi Fashion Market).



Trust me I also don’t know what im looking for down there…phaha(oh my days)



“However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not so bad as you are. It looks poorest when you are richest. The fault-finder will find faults even in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poorhouse. The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the almshouse as brightly as from the rich man’s abode; the snow melts before its door as early in the spring. I do not see but a quiet mind may live as contentedly there, and have as cheering thoughts, as in a palace.”
Henry David Thoreau, Walden This is what has been keeping me going this week.

Can you relate?



kindly excuse the bathroom window.From this I guess I should blog about my awkward pics…like a confession of some sorts so you can see what I keep away,Its going be funny.


Thank you mama for the Kitenge


keep safe.

Love and more love

yours truly,



Hey berries,

How is everyone doing? I’m doing fab this awesome Wednesday afternoon (Noticed Iv stopped ranting?) ha-ha Anyway… Here is the outfit I wore on Saturday afternoon after I was done with “my morning mission”.I had no time to change since I was going somewhere else. This took me less than five minutes to style.
As ladies we feel pressurized to have a complete outfit change on the same day. Truth Is at times we do not have the time nor the energy that goes into dressing up.

This is Nouba Millebaci Lip color #7 This is the best matte lip color in town I can ATTEST TO THAT. If I had a dollar for wearing this lippie since I had it —did not be here…hahaha ( it’s a week old). Well I hope I get over it soon because clearly am wearing it almost daily.

Lately I have been utilizing my heels (Yaaaay me) I have to dust some because they have not been worn in eons. However, im no super woman, I carry ballet flats or sandals to wear later on lest I “gully-creep” instated of walking



Between the first outfit and the second one which one would you wear?

Drop a comment.
Do not forget its PINK OCTOBER. Spread the love, let go off the fakeness, tolerate no negative energy, exercise patience in your work ,keep your word, laugh as loud as you can and LISTEN TO YOUR CRITICS.(Bella is still trying to do all these)

Yours Truly,



Lately iv been swamped, a few things going on here and there but I am managing. Goodness! Where are my manners? So SORRY. Let me be nice, how is everyone doing? Iv been down with tonsillitis complete with a fever and extreme discomfort, lots of reading for my dissertation…blah blah blah above all I THANK GOD FOR LIFE AND FOR YOU TOO.



My city-Nairobi….



Trust me I have been feeling overwhelmed in a way that I just want to keep talking and talking until it all comes out, however all is going to be well.
Last weekend I had the worst bout of tonsillitis (the worst I have ever had), yet I had a few things to attend to. I had hell served to me on a plate anytime I swallowed anything(the pain*******). As if that was not enough on Sunday morning hell broke loose, they were bleeding. This freaked me out but I still did not shy away from an event I had to attend that night (ILL blog about what I wore In another post).

My oh my im still talking.-BELLA STOP! Anyway let me stop-A big shout out to MYFAV for being there, Thank you more for taking the pics even when I had a stiff neck and I was in so much pain. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.
On Saturday I had two outfits, same pants which I styled differently. For the morning hours I wore all white (His t-shirts fit so well I hope I’m going have this one too).
I took the pics at the rooftop of the crappy flat I live in Apartments…lol (my dreams are valid. Yours are too). Notice the Steve Madden heels? Hehe okay am done
Thank you for stopping by.




Would you do an all-white outfit? To which occasion? Let me know






Hey Berries,

How has your week been? Mine has been great full of Gods blessings. Oh, did I inform you that yours truly was featured on Blackgirlskilling it? You should have seen how excited I was.

Anyway I dropped by to share an outfit I wore last week. my style shocks me at times…We all have those moments we put an ensemble=le then we doubt it, well yes that was me last week.


I paired a Kimono with camouflage leggings. To mute all that was going on I threw in a white vest and nude Dorothy Perkins pumps.


And I was captured unawares*funny*



Hey, they say when you pray for others your hearts desires shall be fulfilled. I believe in this. take time to pray for someone today, just a short prayer. Bless y’all.


Enjoy you weekend darlings.

Stay safe. Catch you on the next post

love and more love.

yours truly



Hey Berries,


Its a beautiful Friday am glad the week is coming to an end. Can you imagine 10 days of October have already elapsed? How time flies. So I am humbled to let you know that I shall be working hand in hand with Marie stopes Kenya during this month. This being a breast cancer awareness month all of us can contribute in the smallest way in building a strong resistance force towards cancer. Not just breast cancer, even cervical cancer and the other forms of cancer.


As I promised before this month ill take lots of time to read and research more on Cancer. So today ill highlight a few things, feel free to drop a comment or reach me via mail. For professional Help I shall direct you to any Marie Stopes Clinic, or directly head to any Marie stopes clinic near you and get more information or help.


For starters, there are things we can do on a personal level as women to fight breast cancer.

1-EXERSICE-Exersice at least 10 to 19 hours per week. This is said to lower the risk of breast cancer by 30%.

2-DRINK LESS-If you are a woman and you drink, you are advised to drinking less and limit you alcohol intake to lower the risks.

3-KNOW THE SIGNS-As women we know our bodies quite well. We are required to know what is normal for us and to see a doctor as soon as we notice anything like lumps n our breasts.

To read more you can visit the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer foundation website.I read a lot from here.


Another bit of breast cancer that I did not know much about and maybe so did you is palliative care. The word “palliate” is simple terms means –to make better. Many of us associate palliative care with the end of life. However this is not it. A patient with breast cancer may be introduced to this not as a cure but as a way to tame the side effects of treatment and also to help one live a better life with the condition.. Is any of you under palliative care or considering the same? Kindly reach out, I would like to get in touch with you. Because through you we shall inspire others to be brave in the fight.

Remember, Marie stopes Kenya has 19 clinics all over the country. More so, they are offering free cervical cancer testing and free cryotherapy. I know someone is like what the hell is cryotherapy? I also wondered the first time I saw the word, however fret not I shall post more about that in the next post.

Thank you so much for your time.

Reach me on for any matters.

Its PINK OCTOBER, spread the word, join in the fight, share a word of encouragement, offer a helping hand and we will beat this. Remember, early screening of cancer gives on a better chance to fight and overcome.


Check out the fashion post coming up shortly.

(images courtesy of google).

Love and more love.

Yours truly,



Hey Berries,


I hope everyone is doing fine today. I am keeping on I hope you are too.

Its October(yaaay) Christmas is around the corner however, there is more to October than just Christmas. Its breast cancer awareness month. For a survivor its not just a month, its a everyday fight. So this post is going to be way different, no fashion but awareness.

cancer 5

Personally I have not directly or indirectly been affected by cancer, but as a fashion blogger I not only have the responsibility to blog about fashion but I am required to address issues that affect the society. Health is paramount to every human being. I do not post this with remorse rather I post in high spirits because I know when you and I join in the fight the mortality rates shall drop.

Today ill take you through a few things and as the month goes by we will discuss more about cancer and majorly breast cancer. just a few pointers on breastcancer—Cancer can appear at any age, however the probability of incidence rises fast as the person’s age comes close to 60. Also cancer can occur at any part of the body, at any organ which cells cannot longer operate in a normal way and are growing in an unnatural way also called malignancy. It has the ability to spread through the body with the help of blood and lymph systems.

I am not an expert in this that I must admit. I COME IN THE NAME OF AWARENESS AND TO URGE YOU ALL TO JOIN IN THE FIGHT. The little I put here is as a result of the research iv done, the books iv read and Google(isn’t that obvious? lol) anyway back to serious issues.

Breast cancer can begin in different areas of the breast — the ducts, the lobules, or in some cases, the tissue in between.Breast cancer symptoms vary widely — from lumps to swelling to skin changes — and many breast cancers have no obvious symptoms at all. Symptoms that are similar to those of breast cancer may be the result of non-cancerous conditions like infection or a cyst.


There is so much more to cancer than many of us dont know. Ill take this month to read more and frequently post about breast cancer. Incase of any suggestions, ideas or contributions reach me via email or drop a comment and I promise to get back to you.


Do not forget to extend a helping hand where you can. Give a word of encouragement where needed and help uplift both the cancer fighters and the affected both directly and indirectly.


For anyone reading this whisper a prayer for the cancer fighters and survivors. At times all seems blurred but God clears it all and gets us back up. It might not be you but it can happen to anyone.

For those we have lost to breast cancer…..(a moment of silence).

For the survivors I jubilate with you and through you we can attest that cancer can be fought and overcome.

Lets join the fight. Spread the word….LET THE PINK RIBBONS SPREAD

Thank you for stopping by.

Yours truly,

Bella. Love and more love.